Collisions, Coalitions and Riotous Subjects: The Riots one year on. A one-day conference

Collisions, Coalitions and Riotous Subjects: The Riots one year on. A one-day conference

Over the past year, academics have brought critical perspectives to bear on the complex causes and consequences of the English riots of 2011. These interventions have unsettled the easy answers offered by politicians and the police. Important questions have been raised about the relationship between the riots and the increasingly hostile conditions of neoliberalism and Coalition policies, including: growing unemployment, rising tuition fees, the withdrawal of the EMA, cuts to Sure Start and an overhaul of welfare provision.

On the 28th September 2012, The Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Research (London South Bank University) – in collaboration with the Institute for Policy Studies in Education (London Metropolitan University) – will host a one-day conference designed to interrogate the relationship between the Riots and re-shaped inequalities of race, class, place, gender, sexuality in a post-crash, austerity era.   As we see protests and uprisings across Europe and beyond, this will be a moment to reflect more widely on the convulsions of contemporary capitalism.

The day will include plenary panels of guest speakers from across academia and public and political life. Confirmed speakers include: Professor Les Back (Goldsmiths); Professor Valerie Hey (University of Sussex), Professor Val Gillies (Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Research); Dr Lisa McKenzie (University of Nottingham); Owen Jones (author of Chavs); Ojeaku Nwabuzo (The Runnymede Trust); Gillian Slovo (Playwright for the play The Riots) and Dr Clifford Stott (Aarhus University, Denmark; co-author of Mad Mobs and Englishmen? Myths and realities of the riots 2011); Dan Silver (Salford Social Action and Research Foundation); and Tracey Gore (Director of the Steve Biko Housing Association, Liverpool).

In addition the day will include a series of academic papers on themes including:

•       Education and Work Futures in an Age of Austerity
•       Community, Cohesion and Justice
•       Framing the Riots: Discourses and Publics
•       Youth: Riotous Spaces, Riotous Subjects?
•       The cultural politics of resistance
•       Troubling ‘Troubled’ families and welfare/workfare regimes

The full programme with timings and venue details is available on the LSBU website.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. To register please visit the LSBU website to download a booking form. Registration fee is £75.

Who should attend? Delegates attending the conference include academics from across the career stage and from a range of disciplines and subject areas including sociology, media studies, geography, education, cultural studies and criminology. The conference will also be of interest to youth, education and social work practitioners, media professionals, and local and national policy makers.  There are funded places remaining for three postgraduate students studying in the areas of gender and education to attend the conference kindly sponsored by the Gender and Education Association. Please contact the conference organizers to indicate why you would like to be considered for funding to attend the conference (email: with subject ‘GEA place’).

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