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Humanity 2.0

In this series of videos Steve Fuller explores the ideas from his new book Humanity 2.0 on a chapter by chapter basis. The first chapter is below, for the rest see here.

Filmed by Luke Robert Mason and hosted on the Virtual Futures Vimeo pages.

Sociology@Warwick PhD Students Guest Edit Special Issue of Journal

Two PhD students in the department, Emma Battell Lowman and Lucy Mayblin, guest edited an issue of the journal Studies in Social & Political Thought on “Theorising the Postcolonial, Decolonising Theory”. The special issue is available online here – click the the picture of the journal to access it.

Steve Fuller on Humanity 2.0

A video from TED Warwick where Steve Fuller talks about the problem of defining humanity. He has a new book out on this subject – Humanity 2.0: What it Means to be Human Past, Present and Future and will be talking on these issues at Virtual Futures on June 18th/19th.


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