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The Sociology of Sleep

Researching In the land of ‘Nod’

One of Simon William‘s research interests is sleep. He was recently asked to write a short piece for the American Sociological Association’s Context Magazine, which is aimed at bringing sociological research and ideas to a wider audience.

You can read the piece here.

The Sociology of Sleep

In this podcast Simon Williams talks about his new book the Politics of Sleep. While sleep is often taken to be a entirely private and natural part of human life, in recent years it has been the subject of a rich vein of interdisciplinary research.

As well as exploring the political dimensions to contemporary discourses and practices of sleep, the interview addresses some of the broader questions which sleep raises, situating these issues in terms of theories of modernity and human nature.

He also recently wrote an article on this research for the American Sociological Association’s Contexts magazine.


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