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Dear all

The PhD Life blog is a community blog created by and for Warwick PhD students. We provide a space for ourselves and our peers to share the foibles of being a PhD student, get advice, commiserate, and generally be less alone. Have a look and join in!

The PhD Life Blog!

Additionally, if you’d like to mention us in any forthcoming postgrad literature you’re compiling, that’d be great too! Anna at the Wolfson Research Exchange has put together the following text, with appropriate links:

The Wolfson Research Exchange website and the PhD Life blog are both useful resources for PhD students.

The Research Exchange website has lots of useful, researcher-created articles to develop your academic career, on topics like promoting yourself online, attending conferences and finding sources.

The PhD Life blog is a community blog for Warwick PhD students to informally discuss aspects of the PhD experience, find out about other researchers’ solutions to problems and generally be part of a community.


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